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Lite Xpress International Inc. prides itself as the flag bearer of the Lite Xpress brand whose primary business centers on courier and distribution to any point in the Philippines. It provides consistent, high quality and cost effective logistics services that are tailor fit to the customer requirements. At the core of these offerings is the company’s passion to deliver with “PUSO”, hinged on personalizing and humanizing its services by dedicating customer representatives to oversee each distinct customer requirements.

A firm believer of customer partnership, Lite Xpress is geared towards continuous process improvement and innovation through extensive use of technology.

Courier Services


We guarantee fast, reliable and secure delivery of letters and important documents. We provide a full range of courier services door-to-door nationwide.

Nationwide Distribution Services


Send a variety of items, from personal effects to gadgets, overnight and door-to-door with our pouches or boxes.

Authorized reseller of


Complementing its courier and distribution business, the company set up Lite Xpress Supply Chain Inc. in 2014 to act as its warehousing arm. Since its incorporation, it has established warehousing presence in key cities all over the Philippines with more than 5000sqm space and 6000 pallet position capacity.

With the goal to minimize its clients’ storage and distribution costs through effective warehouse and inventory management, the company developed an in-house warehousing system as a flexible platform to cater to unique customer warehousing dictates.

Ambient and Temperature Controlled Storage

Lite Xpress Supply, Inc. offer a comprehensive range of temperature controlled storage facilities with capacity to handle ambient, chilled and frozen goods.


Why lease warehouse space, when you can rent a self storage unit and get the space you need for less?



Boasting more than 150 closed vans and a support fleet of motorcycles, LXTI is the transportation arm of Lite Xpress which takes lead in the last mile deliveries of goods to customers and end users. It provides road-worthy vehicles to both internal and external customers and maintains its own team and facilities for its own fleet management program.

Apart from fleet management and delivery fulfillment, LXTI has diversified into car rentals responding to demands of its core customers to provide variable costs ownership of service and company vehicles.


Lite Xpress is constantly investing in fast and efficient land transportation to provide customers with the latest in trucking and distribution equipment.


You can trust our logistics expertise and capabilities to handle all of your transportation requirements.