Message from the CEO

It is with pride that we are rolling out the new face of our corporate website at the time of our anniversary month, September. It could have not come on a better time.

With just a handful of employees then, we ventured into the unknown business of delivering pouches to select destinations in the country. Thirteen years after, we have set ourselves up delivering to all corners of Philippines, quicker and more efficiently. Still, there is so much to achieve.

The continuing increase in globalization and heightened customer orientation is being propelled by technology innovations on all fronts and across continents. The Philippines, with the advent of the ASEAN 2015 Integration became world ready and more open to shared technologies and processes with its neighbors. This paradigm shift is paramount to Lite Xpress’ awareness of the need to adapt and innovate.

In the next decade, we shall continue to adapt and innovate with emphasis on three core areas, Technology, Infrastructure and People.

We shall use Technology as an enabler of productivity, efficiency, process improvements and platform for service advantage in offering better, quality service to our customers. We shall build Infrastructure in strategic locations in the domestic scene which is essential to our customer value propositions. These infrastructures shall further strengthen the organization’s vision to be one of Asia’s market leaders in the logistics arena. Inherent to this thrust is reinforcing partnerships which we have built over the years. The company shall work with and seek the right People who possess the obsession to serve with “PUSO”, while being open to new learnings and productive change. Providing our People with the proper “gear” for the next decade shall be of paramount importance.

We are proud of what we have achieved in the past yet we continue to be passionate about our future and look forward to continuing our success alongside the people in and around our organization.


Message from the CFO


Live, Love, Serve!

Lite Xpress value both employee happiness and customer satisfaction. In between, it is the responsibility of every LXIIan to act and render service with Quality . Anything less means short changing the commitment to our customers, partners and shareholders.

In an age of automation, on-click and instant gratification, our organization remains sincerely loyal to providing personalized services aimed at humanizing our offerings. We believe that no amount of automation can replace the sensitivity and sense of an LXIIan providing you, our customers, a personal touch in our services.

While doing so, it is the company’s goal to continuously seek ways to improve current service levels. We treat our customers as partners beyond the commercial contract. You are our partners in seeking ways our services in a faster, more efficiently and more economically.

We will continue to be a family ; sensitive to partners, peers, superiors and customers, including shareholders.  We are LXIIans.

Liwanag O. Rodil
LITE XPRESS, Executive Vice President